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COVID-19 Fresh Food Fund

Donate Now: Fresh fruits and vegetables for communities in need

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Help Partnership for a Healthier America provide affordable access to fresh, nutritious fruits and veggies for families in need during the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond.

The COVID-19 pandemic has allowed our society to see, more clearly than ever before, the gross inequity throughout the U.S. food system at every level. Poor diets that have caused and exacerbated obesity, diabetes, heart disease, and other diet-related chronic diseases are partly responsible for higher death rates among communities of color and those facing poverty amid the current crisis.

Please consider donating to the COVID-19 Fresh Food Fund. Your donation does more than make access to nourishing, high-quality fruits and vegetables possible for families in need--it also creates a platform to raise awareness of the need for long-term changes to the food system, changes that will privilege better health for all. And, in the long term, it will build a bridge to affordable retail access to fruits and vegetables for historically underserved communities.

Your donation will go toward delivering high-impact, high-value resources to families in need every month, including fresh fruits and vegetables combined with print and digital tools that will help families maintain healthy diets during COVID-19 and beyond.

Thank you for your support. Together, we’re transforming the food landscape in pursuit of health equity.